• Fertility Coaching

    Fertility Coaching

    I decided to offer coaching in my practice when I learned that not everyone needed a mental health diagnosis.

    Some people just needed support.

    With coaching it’s simple… We deal with the present.

    As you move through your fertility journey you know that there are ups and downs with each step that you take. So much that is out of your control and it’s like holding your breath.

    Think about when you’re going into a game. There’s always a coach on the sideline that is there as a guide and support for the player in the game or sport (stay with me with this).

    That person is you… and I stand on the sideline of your journey to help support you through things that may be difficult to navigate because everything is happening to you.

    Coaching is a lot of fun because my clients find that I am that “person” for them. The person that they can come and bring “any and everything” from their journey. They seem to cope better because they have a place to take their fertility and can allow their family and friends to be just that.

    Coaching with me feels like having a cup of coffee with a cherished friend. We don’t do anything but talk about what’s on your mind. I know it’s going to be about infertility because that’s what I’m here for.

    So, tell me, do you have a person in your life? If you answer no …. then it’s probably time for you to reach out and connect with me.

    Having the right support is as important as your medical treatment. We forget that your medical providers role is to get you pregnant. But the emotions required to go through that process is something that deserves your attention from the very beginning.