• Fertility Counseling

    Fertility Counseling

    If you’ve lived on this earth long enough you’ve probably experienced some type of depression or anxiety, etc.  If you have a history of needing support through counseling then there’s no better time to continue to work on one of the most difficult times that you may go through. Building your family. 

    When we walk through life we also gain experiences that at times remain with us. Times that are tough to cope through. What could happen in our experiences with infertility and loss, is that it wakes all those experiences and symptoms up. 

    Counseling is there to provide healing, clarity and understanding, and how to provide relief during some of the most challenging times in your life when you’re trying to build your family.

    So through counseling we work on the past and how it impacts your functioning and moving forward. Just that simple.

    I would love for you to reach out because no one should have to suffer or feel alone and what should be a very exciting time in your life.